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What does the District do for roof rat control?

The best preventative method for roof rat control is preventing access to food and harborage to permanently reduce the rat population. Our technicians will inspect the property and make suggestions on the "rat-proofing" that need to be completed prior to setting a bait station. Suggestions may consist of storing pet food in a galvanized can if stored outside, harvesting fruits on the fruit trees, patching entrance holes with the proper materials, ensuring the shrubberies are thinned, etc. Once the recommended "rat-proofing" is complete a technician will place a bait station on the property. 

rat bait station


The bait station will be baited with Bromethalin, a neurotoxicant, which affects the central nervous system of the rats when ingested. The bait station will be deployed on the property until the rat activities cease.       


The District is not involved in the control of mice, squirrels, gophers, or other rodents. If homeowners require control of these pests, private pest control companies should be contacted