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Swimming Pool Notices

Did you get a swimming pool notice on your door?

Unmaintained swimming pools are the top mosquito producing sources in residential areas of Kern County. If left unmaintained, a single swimming pool can produce millions of mosquitoes in a short period of one month and can become a public health risk. The District surveys for green, unmaintained swimming pools two times during the mosquito season to reduce the mosquito abundance and disease transmission risk.

I got a swimming pool notice but my swimming pool is CLEAN or COMPLETELY DRY. What should I do?

May contain: pool, water, yard, nature, outdoors, swimming pool, and flagstone
emptied swimming pool

Our system is not flawless and sometimes picks up pebble tec pools, shade, and/or pool covers as dirty pools.

You can confirm the condition of your pool by uploading a picture below.




The photo of your pool must include the current notice in the foreground and must be clean or completely emptied. See the example below.  

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